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Running with a dog - how far is too far?

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Re: Running with a dog - how far is too far?

Postby Paula Triggs on Fri 24 Feb, 2012 3:50 pm

Hi Kate

How are you and the furry gang? :wave:

I remember from years ago when I used to do Breed showing with Ruby and then Ross, before I discovered Agility, a handler told me she kept horses and her Vizsla would regularly trail her on a hack for 10 miles - it was no good getting home and kicking off her boots too soon though as her Viz would bring his lead to her for HIS walk as before it was the horses exercise and he just tagged along, which obviously didn't count?!!! :grin:

I do a lot of forest walking where the paths are a mix of crushed stone/tree roots and mud so find when I have a new pup he needs to build up gradually so he doesn't get sore paws on the surface, but once he has toughened up those soft puppy pads he's ok, and I'm I usually tired before the furry gang even though they are doing all the running!!!

Ross is 12 now and still enjoys his walks, and hasn't slowed down much, just doesn't jump so high now!


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